Saigon - Ninh Chu Hotel & Resort

A 4km drive from Phan Rang city brings you to Saigon-Ninhchu Hotel & Resort, lying on the seaside of the famous Ninh Chu Beach -1 of the 9 most beautiful beaches in Viet Nam. Its stunning panorama is well worth the trip of travellers where the dark blue water seemed to melt into the paler sky, the two shades of blue bathed in sunshine. The hotel & resort brings to mind the real personal experience which conveys a true feeling of an oasis for peacefulness and relaxation.

Add: Khanh Hai Town, Ninh Hai Dist., Ninh Thuan Province, Viet Nam
Tel: (84)68 3876000 | Fax: (84)68 3876008 | |

Hotel & Resort