Vietnamese student introduces local cuisine on YouTube


Vietnamese student introduces local cuisine on YouTube

Vuong Anh samples northwestern food with local children - PHOTO: COURTESY OF NGUYEN KHANH VUONG ANH0

HCMC - People who would love to travel and explore local cuisine across Vietnam will now be able to get a sneak preview via a new YouTube channel, called, Vuong Anh’s Cooking Journey.

The YouTube channel,, was launched on July 7, 2018, by Nguyen Khanh Vuong Anh, a Vietnamese student pursuing qualifications in the culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia.

Vuong Anh, born in 1995, had previously studied interior design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in the United States.

Her YouTube channel features videos of breathtaking views from the Northwest upland to the Mekong Delta, in addition to the everyday work life of the local people as well as the distinguished culture and gastronomic delights of different regions across the country.

At each destination, Vuong Anh instructs viewers on how to prepare a special dish using ingredients endemic to the locale, which she purchases from markets she visits in the area. The featured specialties include duck salad at Cao Phong in Hoa Binh Province, Moc Chau grilled pork and calf roll on Moc Chau Plateau, grilled quail in Tua Chua of Dien Bien, black-boned chicken stewed with vegetables in Lai Chau and sturgeon hotpot in Sapa.

Between December 2017 and June 2018, Vuong Anh uploaded 14 videos to her channel. She will set out for the northwest region in September to create new clips and will continue her journey to all cities and provinces across the country. Each video is some five to six minutes long and is introduced in English.

“Initially, I had planned to visit the northwest region to learn about two well-known spices, locally known as Mac Khen and Cham Cheo, to enrich my knowledge of these ingredients. But then I changed my mind and decided to not only look into food but also capture the special cultural traits, beautiful venues and good food in Vietnam to introduce them to the world at large,” Vuong Anh said at the launch of her YouTube channel at Bep Nha Luc Tinh Restaurant, a special culinary venue with an old-fashioned southern setting at 37 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1, HCMC.

According to her, the topics for her clips come to her spontaneously; she captures images of any beautiful venue she comes upon without making any prearrangements. As a result, she might make a video or two on some days and then make none on others. Similarly, she chooses food specialties based on what local ingredients she finds most interesting at the local markets.

“I do not make plans about what scenery I need to capture or what dish I want to prepare. Everything happens on impulse, for it is only then that I can inspire my viewers,” Vuong Anh explained.

Expressing her interest in travel and cooking, Vuong Anh noted that she inherited this spirit from her mother, culinary artist Doan Thi Thu Thuy.

“Three years ago, while reading the book, Hanh Trinh Mon Viet (Journey of Viet Foods), which introduces delicious dishes from the south to the north, authored by my mother, I was inspired to travel across Vietnam to study the country’s culinary arts. When my mother learned I was planning to visit the northwest, she encouraged me to start a full-fledged program with video clips in English to introduce Vietnam to the world,” Vuong Anh added.

Regarding her long-term plan for Vuong Anh’s Cooking Journey, the avid traveler intends to organize similar programs abroad to introduce friends at home to the beautiful places and good food of the world instead of just letting the world know about Vietnam’s beauty and culinary culture.

“And who knows, one day in the future, I may open a chain of Vietnamese restaurants abroad to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to the world,” she said.

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