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With the mission of preserving, developing as well as spreading the unique culinary culture of Vietnam to visitors, each restaurant in the Saigontourist Group system bares its own characteristics, demonstrating the masterful combination between traditional and modern styles.

Saigontourist Group currently manages over 70 restaurants that belong to hotels, resorts, and several independent restaurants and food centers. Each restaurant specializes in providing a variety of cuisines and event services including parties, weddings, conferences, and are always pioneering culinary trends, cultural events associated with unique cuisines, entertainment, such as Khan Hoang Nam Bo (Southern Cuisine), Ngay hoi que toi (My Village's Festival), Hat Lua Que Toi (My Country's Grains of Rice) festival at Binh Quoi, Southern Land Cuisine at Dam Sen Cultural Park, and taking part in organizing Vietnamese culinary festivals in other countries to contribute to the promotion of Vietnamese cuisine world-wide.

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