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Saigontourist Travel Service Company (Saigontourist Travel) is a member unit of the Saigontourist Group system, currently the leading and only travel agency in Vietnam effectively operating business in 3 fields of tourism that span international tourism, foreign travel, and domestic tourism. Saigontourist Travel is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and has 18 branches spread across Vietnam

The position and brand reputation of Saigontourist Travel in the Vietnamese tourism market has been honored by many prestigious awards and titles from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Vietnam Tourism Association together with many other reputable international tourism organizations.

1.2 mil+

domestic and international tourists


visitors & crew

At Saigontourist Travel, international tourism is the core business area in which high-class cruise ship services are currently the most attractive to customers. With the outstanding advantage of its experience in serving large ships, a diversity of tour services and a team of professionally trained personnel, cruise tourism has contributed to synchronous development with the international tourism sector of Saigontourist Travel.

Cruise ship tours are also a channel that attracts a large number of international tourists at Saigontourist Travel, with hundreds of thousands of multinational tourists visiting Vietnam each year.


cruise ships from famous cruise lines