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36 Hotel Tips for the Best Stay

When traveling, staying in hotels becomes an art, especially when you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and in the most economical way. There are always countless things you wish you had known ahead of time to avoid awkward hotel situations or save a few extra bucks on your trip.

The following 36 tips will help you choose the right place and have a pleasant experience on your next trip.
  1. Pick a hotel with convenient access to transportation. Options close to train stations, airports or even famous tourist attractions will help you cut down on costs.
  2. Refer to and use applications or websites for the best prices. With memberships to certain apps you can save quite a bit on hotel fees.
  3. Knowing more about the location of your hotel is very useful to avoid any trouble when booking rooms in sensitive areas.
  4. Read the most recent reviews from other travelers for up to date information on your hotel selections.
  5. Ask information in advance about support services such as dinner reservations, shuttle transfers, or the earliest check-in times for no additional cost.
  6. If you make a reservation at a luxury hotel or resort, you can check ahead of time for any promotional services to add to your itinerary.
  7. Make sure to keep every document, receipt or booking confirmation in case you need them.
  8. If possible, verify with the hotel once you book through an application or website to avoid any technical issues.
  9. Save the hotel’s information in several ways by writing it down or saving it offline in case you do not have access to the internet.
  10. Use a credit card to receive more incentives when booking rooms.
  11. Take note of the cancelation and room change deadlines to avoid any extra fees.
  12. Check directly with the hotel if you book through a third party.
  13. If you need to request something special, such as preparing an anniversary gift, do not forget to inform the staff to ensure the best service.
  14. If you are not sure whether the hotel has towels or toothbrushes, always prepare your own.
  1. Check the hotel’s information carefully to make sure you are staying at the right branch to avoid any confusion.
  2. If you need to check in late, call the hotel in advance so you don't lose your room in case you haven’t paid in advance.
  3. If you’ve prepared an itinerary for your trip, consult with the hotel to make sure your schedule is feasible and easy to run.
  4. When you arrive, make sure you are satisfied with your room to avoid wasting time on changing rooms.
  5. If you want to know local information such as the most convenient transportation, the best places to dine or the cheapest souvenir shops, ask the hotel staff or receptionists.
  6. If you spend more than 1 night and do not want the staff to touch your belongings, always remember to hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside the door.
  7. Check if any of the hotel provisions can be found at nearby convenience stores or supermarkets as it’s more economic to buy them elsewhere.
  8. Ask what time breakfast is served to make sure you don't sleep in and miss your meal.
  9. Check the expiration date on any food or beverages provided in the hotel fridge.
  10. Keep valuables packed up and put them in well covered places if you intend to go out and have the staff clean the room. It is best to use a safe.
  11. Take a tour of your hotel area to find out where you are and orient yourself with the location.
  12. Compare prices of the hotel’s services with those offered locally to make sure you are choosing the most economical option.
  13. Leave the keys at the reception desk if you fear you could lose them on your outing.
  14. Check the door every night if your hotel door does not have an automatic lock.
  15. Avoid littering your things around the room so you can easily find what you need.

  1. Prepare your luggage in advance if you plan on checking out early the next morning to avoid being rushed.
  2. Be careful not to take any items that belong to the hotel such as towels or slippers because you can be charged for them. This can be quite frustrating if you are struggling to get to the airport on time.
  3. Book an airport shuttle from the hotel in advance to ensure you arrive on schedule.
  4. Feel free to give comments to the hotel staff if you have any problems, or simply ask to change rooms if you do not get the right room as your booking.
  5. If you are warm and friendly with the staff you will be treated as a precious guest. You are usually treated according to the attitude you show.
  6. Always remember to double check the room before leaving to make sure you don't forget anything.
  7. If possible, choose a hotel chain or a favorite hotel you frequent to receive more incentives on your next stay.
Text: Blogger Nguyễn Hoàng Bảo

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