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Saigon – Morin Hue Hotel celebrates its 123rd anniversary

Located in the golden position of the ancient capital of Hue, with four frontages right at the intersections of Le Loi - Hung Vuong, Hoang Hoa Tham - Truong Dinh, next to Truong Tien bridge and the romantic Perfume River, Saigon - Morin is Recognized as the first 4-star hotel in Hue, it includes a system of 180 luxurious, comfortable and modern bedrooms with French colonial architecture. The hotel provides a variety of services in cuisine, banquets, entertainment and conferences and seminars.

The hotel owns many "old" things.

Carrying within itself a huge "treasure" of culture and history, Saigon - Morin hotel is like a "witness" to the history of the ancient capital. It seems that every corner inside and outside the hotel also carries the breath of the century.

Right at the hotel's reception desk is a bronze bust engraved with the portrait of Wladimir Morin, the French owner who made the Saigon - Morin hotel famous. This statue was made by his grandson in France, then donated to the hotel.

Along the corridors of the hotel floors, visitors seem to be taken back in time, reliving the early years of the last century, when admiring the 500 precious documentary photos of the hotel's founding process displayed here. . In particular, the hotel has kept the ancient wooden staircase intact since 1925, along with two ancient trees over 120 years old located on the premises that is now Le Rendezvous garden restaurant.

Residence of many world famous figures and politicians

As one of the most luxurious and largest hotels in Indochina during the French colonial period, in addition to serving tourists, the hotel also served as a guest house for the Southern Dynasty government and the protectorate government, the Central Government agency. . The hotel quickly became one of the centers of commercial, cultural and tourist activities of the capital Hue during the Nguyen Dynasty.

Saigon - Morin Hotel has welcomed and served many famous figures in the world. Among these special guests are the clown king Charlie Chaplin, who stayed at the hotel when he and his fiancee went on their honeymoon in 1936, or the French writer André Malraux.

Morin Hotel has been chosen as a place to stay during trips to Vietnam with famous heads of state and politicians such as the wife of French President Madam Bernadette Chirac (in 2004), and Chairman of the Korean National Assembly Lim Chae. Jung (2008), Speaker of the Norwegian Parliament Anne Marit Bjørnflaten (2008), French Prime Minister Francois Fillon (2009) and high-ranking delegations of Lao PDR...
In addition to business activities, Saigon - Morin Hue Hotel also focuses on social responsibility and participates in many practical charity works. Every year, the hotel fully participates in social activities with Saigontourist Group as well as locally. Typical examples include the "Spring Connection of Love" program to support cancer patients at Hue Central Hospital and the people of A Luoi district, in coordination with sponsors to organize a scholarship awarding ceremony for poor students overcoming difficulties. outstanding continuously for many years in a row.


Special offer for the 123rd anniversary of its founding

On the occasion of its 123rd anniversary, Saigon - Morin Hotel is grateful to customers with a bedroom promotion program, with prices starting at only 1.230.000 VND/night, applicable from March 1.3.2024, 30.9.2024 to September 270.000, 200.000. . The hotel also offers set menu banquet prices from only XNUMX VND/guest, breakfast buffet XNUMX VND/adult. With the criteria "Colonial architecture - Historic hotels - Vietnamese hospitality", Saigon - Morin hotel constantly diversifies products and services to bring customers experiences beyond expectation.

Regarding cuisine, the hotel has wedding promotions and corporate incentives suitable for each time of the year, with 3 banquet halls and a garden specializing in organizing all kinds of weddings, receptions, birthdays, and buffets. , press conferences, product introductions, organizing international events..., with an area from 30 m² - 500 m², capacity from 50 to 500 guests. The hotel has 3 meeting rooms that can accommodate about 350 guests. In recent times, the hotel has been a venue specializing in organizing national and international conferences, typically the ASEP III Asia-Europe Parliamentarians' Union conference, the APPF Parliamentary Union of French-speaking countries, Asia-Pacific Tourism Ministers' Conference, along with important conferences of companies, departments and agencies.

Wedding services at Saigon - Morin Hue hotel are impressive with many creative decoration styles to suit the individual preferences of each couple, performed by professionally trained design experts. In addition, the menu is always innovated and designed by the chef according to the diverse needs of diners and the purpose of each type of party, with a party menu of 300 European, Asian, and Vietnamese dishes.
In particular, Le Rendez-vous restaurant with a sparkling candlelit garden space, luxurious and romantic, specializes in serving breakfast buffet. This place was voted by culinary critic Steven Downes as one of the 100 food experiences before you die.

Hotel information:

Saigon – Morin Hotel (HOTEL SAIGON MORIN)

Address: 30 Le Loi - Phu Nhuan ward - Hue city

Phone: +84 234 3823526

Fax: +84 234 3825155


Facebook: Hotel Saigon Morin Hue



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